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University of Miskolc, Faculty of Economics, Institute of World and Regional Economics / Miskolci Egyetem, Gazdaságtudományi Kar, Világ- és Regionális Gazdaságtan Intézet

Short name: ME-GTK VRGI (in Hungarian)


Address: Miskolc-Egyetemváros, 3515 Miskolc, Hungary


Web site:;


The University of Miskolc, as the legal successor of the Mining Academy founded in 1735 at Selmecbánya has been operating since 1949 at its present seat, in Miskolc. In addition to the engineering faculties (mining, metallurgy, mechanical eng.),the past more than two decades have seen the process, through internal development, of the University becoming a university in the true sense of the word with the establishment of social science (law, economics) and humanities faculties.


The University was joined in 2000 by the Teacher Training College Faculty and in 2006 by the Healthcare College Faculty. Thus the institution has become one of the largest regional universities in Hungary with 15,000 students, 800 academic staff and 1100 non-academic staff. The University offers academic programs structured according to the social and economic demand. The campus as a scientific centre forms an integral  part of the social-economic life of the town, the county and the region of Northern Hungary.


The Institute of World- and Regional Economics is one of the six institutes of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Miskolc. It has tree departments: Department of World Economics, Department of Regional Economics and Department of Human Resources. The number of people on the staff of the institute is made up of academics, lecturers, Ph.D. students and clerical workers.


The staff of the institute has wide  theoretical and practical knowledge related to the European economic and political integration, harmonization of law and history of the European institutions. This knowledge have been developed and built into the academic and dissemination activities for more than 10 years.


Activities connected with research, analysis, forecasting, expertise, development and other creative areas are pursued systematically with the purpose of enhancing the scope of scientific knowledge and its inventive application in the different fields of education and science by increasing the scientific qualification of the people providing them. The staff members of the institute actively participate in scientific activities, conferences and regularly publish in domestic and foreign professional journals.


Representatives of the project:

Prof. Dr. György Kocziszky, Dean, Head of Institute; project leader;

Dr. Zoltán Nagy, Head of Department, associate professor;

Ildikó Győrffy, assistant lecturer, project manager;

Dr. Zsolt Péter, assistant professor, financial manager;

Phone/fax:  +36 46 565 200; +36 46 563 402